About Us

Caddoo Rehabilitation Associates provides physical therapy in an integrated rehabilitation facility with a primary focus on one to one patient centered care, functional movement assessment, and conservative manual therapies(ART/Graston).

In the current health-care environment of Corporate Medicine and high volume practice models, Caddoo Rehab is an office that remains focused on the individual. We strive to bring high quality, patient-centered, individualized care to each patient, and provide a workplace for our therapists that allows them to grow and feel fulfilled/satisfied as providers and individuals.

Caddoo Rehab Mission

The pursuit of excellence in clinical care to assist in the recovery and health of our patients through effective manual therapy, education, and individualized attention.

To represent a practice of value and excellent reputation within our community.

Caddoo Rehab Core Values

Satisfaction: Patient satisfaction and Personal satisfaction.

We will strive to achieve patient satisfaction to the best of our ability, but not to the sacrifice or detriment to the group or any individual within the group.

Reputation: Individual and Group.

In all of our actions we are to remain mindful of how it reflects our reputation within the community.

Growth: Personal and Group.

We support and encourage personal development and education and how that fosters growth of the entire group.